Joey Bada$$ released his highly anticipated second studio album, ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, on Friday, April 7, 2017. The 12-track album is heavily influenced by old school hip hop rhythms and features artists like J.Cole, Schoolboy Q, Nyck Caution, Styles P and Chronixx. But the most important part is that we almost dare say this is the most WOKE, unapologetic, politically-charged rap album of the year…


The album kicks off with GOOD MORNING AMERIKKKA, a track with old school hip hop vibes. Joey makes reference to the KKK and the life of the Black man in America.

FOR MY PEOPLE is a smooth transition from the first track. He raps about his desire to be a hero for his people, the oppression of Blacks in America and the struggle to survive:

“They don’t wanna see you fly, they just gonna shoot your wings”

The TEMPTATION track begins with a child’s voice recognizing that they are being treated differently because of their skin colour. Joey also reflects on his past ‘reckless’ and ‘selfish’ behaviour. You can hear the Gospel influence on the beat, just like in LAND OF THE FREE, which touches on corrupt politics in America, having no liberty of choice and our hidden history:

“And the land of the free is for the freeloaders”

“We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”

DEVASTATED is a song of hope and patience where he reflects on how he used to feel helpless, but is now on his way to greatness. This track is kind of off topic compared to the general feel and theme of the album, but is still relatable.

Y U DON’T LOVE ME? (MISS AMERIKKKA) and ROCKABYE BABY (ft. Schoolboy Q) are self-explanatory tracks. WHY does AMERIKKKa not love Joey Bada$$? His albums are fire and he is constantly spitting verses promoting unity. Extra points for saying:“F*ck Donald Trump” and that fire Schoolboy Q verse.

If you were waiting for that track that goes hard, RING THE ALARM (ft. Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight and Meechy Darko) is the one because in the words of Joey Bada$$, “n*ggas are fake.” This track forces fans, critics and even haters to pay attention.

SUPER PREDATOR (ft. Styles P), BABYLON (ft.Chronixx) and LEGENDARY (ft. J. Cole) are decent tracks. The beats are nice but we feel like they lack energy compared to the rest of the tracks.

The album ends with AMERIKKKAN IDOL, which we feel sums up the purpose of the album perfectly.

Listen to the album here: or here:

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