Something as ICONIC …

Ok so first things first, TEAM REMY all day, erryday! And let me tell you all why.

Lyrically, she butchered Nicki into pieces, more so than Nicki’s surgeon and he sliced her open, you feel me? Now I’ve been reading the feedback on the diss and its received mixed feelings even from Lady Luck who said, in more or less terms, that Remy’s flow sounds ‘flat’. But is it that Remy’s flow is flat or is that the instrumental is so ICONIC that we can’t help but hear and remember anything either than Nas’s voice on it?

I think that’s the problem and the only problem with it. Nas left this beat marked as something so historical that anyone touching it after him is met with the anticipation for something that meets the height that Nas left, which is close to impossible.

I think that’s why when Lil’ Kim came at Nicki in “Black Friday” it worked in her favor because she chose a beat that was well known (Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says“), yes, but that wasn’t “ICONIC” as the “Ether” instrumental was and well, is.

So it isn’t that Remy didn’t bring justice to the “Ether” intrumental it’s simply that no one can do it as big or better than Nas did when he called out Jigga for having d*** sucking lips, trading his soul for riches and more.



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