VYB3’s S/O of The Day

This man, this man. Our second S/O is dedicated to Chance The Rapper for his $1 million donation to Chicago Public School’s Foundation with the help of independent promoters, venues as well Live Nation, Ticketmaster and AG. By banding together money from ticket sales this donation was made possible!

The rising prodigy was quoted as saying, “Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positions.” This generous act of kindness, hope and empowerment has also prompted Chance to donate an additional $10,000 to select local schools through his non-profit organization, Social Works.

In a world and industry that promotes self-indulgence rather than brother/sisterhood it is needless to say why this simple act of good will gets all our ratings here at VYB3. We encourage anyone and everyone in a position to give back, to contribute to the growing needs of the communities that once  raised and sheltered them.


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