REVIEW: Quest For Milk and Honey Black Edition

On Friday, January 27, Clairmont The Second blessed us with Quest For Milk and Honey (Black Edition).



Initially, Quest For Milk and Honey was released in Summer 16’ with 13 self-produced tracks. In this edition though, there are FOUR bonus tracks. I’m happy he took the time to extend the album because time equals beautiful and meaningful music, which he definitely delivered.

For those who don’t know who this human being is, Clairmont is a young TORONTO Hip Hop artist who brings us music that holds lyricism laced with spirituality, hardships and vulnerabilities using Jazz and Soul influences. Let’s dive into this head first.

Can we just talk about how great Hallelujah is? Y’all. This track is oozing R&B and Gospel vibes and it fills my heart with pure joy. You definitely understand the level of passion and dedication he has for his music even though the road to success can be hard. But the best part is that he knows God is on his side and that he has a purpose. Also he gives a shoutout to Jane and Weston.

For Coolest Loser, the bass is boomin’ and it’s my new IDGAF anthem. Come on don’t pretend y’all don’t have that one track you bump when you’re feelin’ yourself.

Stability & Respect is super dope so I would’ve loved a longer track! I’m digging the Old School Hip Hop vibes and the deep but smooth beat. This is kind of an extension of Coolest Loser, the message being that he prefers investing in himself over rollin’ with groupies.

Amongst the bonus tracks, my favourite is 44 Me because it’s pure hard hip hop/rap. Again the lyrics are so real I could almost feel the trials and tribulations of what it’s like being a Black man in the streets. With that, he raps about a freedom that may or may never be attained.

5000 is another favourite because Clairmont reminds us of where he’s from, how we lived and how rich he is in passion. It also reminds me of something Kendrick Lamar would spit. Sick beat. Shoutout to Weston. Smooth addition of jazz elements. What more could you ask for?

Listen to the album here:

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Aissatou Bah is a young PR professional from Toronto with a love for all things ART. From books and movies to painting and good ass Hip Hop and R&B music, she never stops creating and appreciating pure artwork.


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