Student of the game….

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Some claim that their call to hip-hop was stimulated by its influential, irreplaceable and revolutionary sound and rhythm. It has this unique way of telling listeners about the struggles and overlooked triumphs embedded in broken empires of Brooklyn or California, which traveled from one coast to the next; including here, in Toronto. 

When the environment around you hands you only bullets and triggers, picking up a pen and paper can be challenging; however, through the concepts and flow discovered in the rhymes of pioneers such Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest and more, an emcee flourished.

Wave-Starr is a student of the culture and music behind hip-hop. He drew powerful inspiration from the lyricism found in past and current emcees, which stimulated his head to bop to the beat and his personal discovery to a higher consciousness.

“My style as an emcee, although I wouldn’t want to categorize myself, would have to be a contributor to the culture, a stimulator of the mind, awareness and more, I’m a blend of K-Dot and the Wu, that new and old school mic play,” says Wave-Starr.

The journey for this young rapper began during a personal time of conflict with the law, which he describes as a ‘dark phase’ in his life. After being placed on house arrest, he began investing his time into books, which inspired him to become reflective of his actions. This ultimately led him to connect with hip-hop on a more personalized level inspiring him to create his own music incorporating metaphors, conscious punch lines and lyrical flow.

Being classified as a conscious rapper in the game today can leave you gasping for air amongst artists such as Desiigner, Future or Drake; however, Wave-Starr has drawn inspiration from a small pool of artists who demonstrate a strong awareness to social and political issues and /or personal tribulation and triumph.

So much so that his energy has drawn personal connections with artists such as Logic and AB-Soul unexpectedly while they were touring in Toronto. From Logic having an entire arena of hip-hop heads chanting ‘Wave-Starr’ to AB-Soul inviting him on his tour bus, he’s certain his small experiences were strong manifestations of what’s to come in the near future.

Wave-Starr’s vision in the hip-hop game is for his music to uplift and empower his listeners but to also be innovative and contribute something fresh to the genre. Hip-hop has become his outlet of expression and freedom and a stepping stone to other aspirations he dreams of accomplishing.

Although we have yet to see conscious or underground emcees openly embraced by the music industry, Wave-Starr believes rappers such as: J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Capital Steez (Pro Era) have been able to break through the thick barrier, which divides both sub-genres (conscious/underground VS. mainstream/commercial) of hip-hop music.

“I believe conscious emcee’s are overlooked by the music industry because our music is created with the purpose to educate, empower and uplift the people, our listeners. The industry fears our influence and our ability to connect with our audience on a deeper level, inspiring them to do more and be more,” says Wave-Starr.

Wave-Starr demonstrates the ability to unveil truths that have been purposely buried or that have gone unrecognized and unspoken. He is dedicated in his craft and uses his personal tribulations to connect and speak to anyone willing to listen, he has a hopeful aroma to his lyrical style that is righteous and empowering if you pay close attention to the details in his rhyming structure.

“Wave-Starr finish this sentence for me, ‘I fell in love with hip-hop when I heard…”


Follow Wave-Starr via Instagram: @wavedashstarr 



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