Hip-hop nostalgia



There may be many things in life that have come and gone but hip-hop is not one. From its smooth and gentle rhythm of drums and deep bass instrumentals to its poetry outlining the sound waves on a beat, she has remained impactful.

Hip-hop has blossomed through many seasons and has constantly rediscovered ways to stay fresh and relevant, her culture is rich and authentic. Preserving these characteristics has been attainable through the creativity behind emcee’s, dj’s, writers, break-dancers, and visual artists.

Reconnecting with this atmosphere are students from George Brown’s Special Events Management Program. These 13 remarkable women have collaborated with George Brown and Sketch to present to you, Graffiti Street Party (GSP) in Eastside Toronto at District 28.

“The beauty of our event is that it has a way back play back/90’s theme environment which will showcase many elements such as: mc’ing, break-dancing, along with rap battles and live visual artists,” said Harpreet Atwal, marketing coordinator, Graffiti Street Party.

Atwal and her team had the privilege of collaborating with a charity of their choice, which ultimately led them to Sketch. Sketch has been guiding homeless and at-risk youth for 19 years within the Toronto community. They have connected with its youth through creative and artistic initiatives.If their initiatives of spreading awareness for Sketch weren’t remarkable enough, they have hopes of raising $10,000 towards Sketch and George Brown scholarships to continue empowering and encouraging Toronto’s underprivileged  youth.

Atwal advises those who pursue creating a similar event to stay conscious of their target audience, to embrace the grind and network. Never be too scared to ask and remind yourself that the worst they could say is ‘no’ it all depends on your approach- be confident.

“Grind. You cannot afford to take a day off, you have to work at it everyday, the event eventually becomes that boyfriend or girlfriend that you’re madly in love with … it becomes your life!” said Atwal.

Our final question to Atwal was, when did she first fall in love with hip-hop? She replied without hesitation, Ludacris-What’s your fantasy?

For further details on Graffiti Street Party visit: www.graffitistreetpartyto.com or follow them on:

  • Instagram: @graffti.to
  • Twitter: @GraffitiTo
  • Facebook: Graffiti StreetParty



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